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Bulgarian companies often criticize the government for endorsing environmental legislation which is even more stringent than the EU requirements. The fact is that keeping the balance between environmental protection and business interests is very hard to achieve. We all want to live better today (profitable business) but we also want our children to live on a healthy planet (environmental protection).

In many sectors, such as construction and the chemical industries, enforcement of the relevant environmental legislation is a primary task of the relevant authorities. Still, the reputation of these companies needs a boost and here ISO 14001 comes to help. In a number of cases, such as participation in public tenders, certification to ISO 14001 is a precondition.

Practically, this international standard makes easier the management of all the activities in a company addressing environmental issues which is usually a hard task. Therefore, apart from improving its image and being able to participate in EU-funded tenders, a company which develops a proper system for environmental protection management to ISO 14001 gets the additional benefit of streamlining all necessary activities in this aspect.

Top Management Advisors has the experience with supporting very serious companies to achieve successful certification with reputable registrars.

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