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We all know that “management” does not any longer refer to a position where you have a 

secretary and various perks. It is a profession in itself with rising requirements and responsibilities.
It is a common cliche to hear that people are the most valuable asset of a company. 
For sure, managers are on top of the list of company valuables.

Unlike other professions where most of the needed knowledge and skills can be acquired by
going to a good school and college, management requires more than that and only real-life
practice gives the evidence whether you are “a good manager” (whatever that means) or not.

Top Management Advisors is not a university and we believe our role is to try and fill some
of the gaps in the training of all those who have become managers without going to Harvard.
Especially in the smaller companies and the lower ranks of the big companies almost all
managers have been promoted to their positions on the basis of their field expertise and
their proven skills to handle processes and people.

We offer short-term training in basic skills such as leadership, delegation, motivating and
giving feedback, project management basics, supervising teams and time management.
We also provide training in general skills such as general communication and listening,
presentation skills and teamwork. A presentation of our training courses is given HERE.

We often develop training packages into the concept of micro-MBA where a group of
trainees gets introduction to all the key skills a modern manager needs.

Any queries can be addressed to:
Julian Usunov, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.